44 Tremont Road
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 17963
Office: (570) 345-4572
Garage: (570) 345-3045
Fax: (570) 345-3746
E-Mail: KintzelMotors@gmail.com
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Kintzel Motors is owned and operated by Jerold Kintzel.  We have been at this location since 1979 as a repair garage and have been selling quality used vehicles since 1990. 

This Website contains our current inventory of vehicles.  Typically, new inventory is added every week so, please check back frequently for new listings. You can find the newest vehicles on the "New To Inventory" page.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday  8:00-6:00
Saturday 8:00-2:00

Owner: Jerold Kintzel
Customer Support: Gerry Kintzel
Technical Contact: Megan Kintzel
Automotive Technician: Tom Zimmerman